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I’m a 33 year old developer and teacher. I was born in India 🇮🇳 but grew up in Norway 🇳🇴. I’m obsessed with making it more fun and engaging for everyone to learn math and coding. This is my little corner of the Internet. Follow me on social media (if you want):

Don't Assume Your Customers Are Like You

Reminder to myself: Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your customers think and act like you do. Talk to them to understand exactly how they are similar and different from you.

May 30, 2024

Now is the Time to Build

Tim Berners-Lee released the World Wide Web to the public in 1991 The internet was pretty useless for most people in the world up until that point… It needed a killer app The World Wide Web was it Imagine being an adult in 1992 If you had knew the importance of the Internet you knew immediately that the World Wide Web would change everything and guess what? some 30 years later… it has changed everything for everyone...

May 14, 2024

A Salary Is a Made Up Thing

Reminder to myself: A salary programs your brain to believe that you will always get paid as long as you show up and put in the hours Nothing wrong with that But remember In the real world A business only makes money when it sells something of value to a customer

April 21, 2024

Success and Failure Is Outside of Your Control

Reminder to myself: If you’re only working hard on things because of the expectation of future success then you’ll be disappointed Because success or failure is completely outside of your control You have to find enjoyment in the daily doing of things

April 11, 2024

How to compete in the age of AI

How can you build products and services of value in the age of AI? How can you compete in this market? You have to figure out a way to embed yourself deeply into the product or services you’re building People should want to use whatever you’re building, because they like you.

April 11, 2024

Put It Out There

Reminder to myself: The reality is that it is close to impossible to know if something will work or not before you put it out into the world Before that, the thing exists just in your imagination

April 4, 2024

We Need to Design a Healthy Future

Men and women are growing further and further apart Relationships are at an all-time low Fewer and fewer people are having babies We need to consiously design a world that celebrates and encourages people to want to get into healthy long-term relationships and build a family (if they want to) Because guess what? Otherwise, our future is completely fucked

March 31, 2024

21 Century Problems

Living most of your lifespan in the 21st century? Me too! Here are 4 big things we are all going to have to contend with during this century: Artificial Intelligence Climate Change Threat of Nuclear War Population Collapse No pressure 😅

March 30, 2024

Change of Opinion

We need to normalize having a strong opinion this week and then getting new data and completely changing your opinion next week This is called being a human being No, there is nothing noble in having an opinion today and having the exact same opinion 10 years later That’s stupid

February 27, 2024

Expected Output

Let’s consider two people that are suppose to be doing the exact same thing at the same company: Johnny Coderson: 25 year old single programmer with no kids and no plans on having a family for the foreseeable future Jennifer Wiseman: 37 year old single mother with 3 kids who got divorced a year ago We live in a world, where the company expects these two people to have the exact same output...

February 27, 2024